cold north
Thomas Carlson

Interdisciplinary problem solver and full stack developer.
Prefer to work with someone rather than for them.
Fond of pushing boundaries and shaping the future.
Big on gettings things done and problem solving through a
combination of programming, UX and strategy.


HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript (React/RN, Redux, Angular, jasmine, jest), Webpack, Node, NoSQL and Swift. That’s my jam!
AWS, Docker/K8s, Circle CI, Terraform and Packer are my go-tos.

My swiss knife includes Atom, Framer, Github & Sketch.




Engineering Lead

Worked out of experience design agency Siberia’s NYC office. Spearheading projects going from exploration to development until launch. Worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. Projects include chatbots, API services, websites, prototypes and native apps. Also worked on-site as part of client teams doing strategic research and innovation outlooks taking ideas from creation to testing and finally launch of new products and services.



Creative Technologist

Helped establish the brand new agency Another in August 2013 and became their digital corner stone for a while. Responsible for most digital projects including campaigns for SELECTED, Birger1962, Wood Wood and BØRNEfonden.



Digital Strategist

Responsible for everything digital for Danish menswear brand Soulland including launching and building their webshop from scratch as well as maintaining a forward-thinking profile in the market with unusual concepts using bleeding edge technology.

Side Projects

Solar Weather App


React Native

React Native experiment including Realm, Redux and DarkSky API. Wanted to become familiar with React Native as well as the flow and requirements for launching an application in the Apple App Store. Worked on project from UX, design and final realease on the App Store. Codebase opensourced on GitHub.